Vanya's Massage

"I have had problems with my left ankle for over 50 years being unable to dig, kick a ball (with grand children) or walk quickly without experiencing acute pain. Several doctors and physics over the years have been unable to sort it out. I decided to try Vanya after reading the reviews. After two sessions I am now able to use it normally!! She has successfully reduced hip pain from a broken bone from a fall      2 years ago and I am confident that she will be successful in treating that problem. She is truly wonderful."

I. Francis August 2019


"Very professional and knowledgable. She takes her time to ensure results. I always leave feeling better and refreshed, I look forward to coming back. Vanya is a real master at what she does. She has a very peaceful massage room, she is flexible with appointment times. Vanya is also a very kind and caring lady."

B. P. June 2019


"Vanya is very professional therapist and very kind person. She always can fix my posture and helps to get rid of the tension and pain from my back/neck/shoulders. I really benefit from a longer sessions with her and highly recommend her massages. Have been booking her since 6 months now and I will be coming back. 5 stars service for me."

Marta, Oct 2018


"Hi Vanya, I just wanted to thank you for an awesome session yesterday. You have brilliant healing hands and heart. Thank you so much!"

A.C. Yuly 2018


"Really polite and professional. Re-aligned pelvis and spine. Great work and knowledgable. Would definitely recommend."

Dipesh, Oct 2017


"I went to see Vanya a while ago to help with post operative ( endometriosis) adhesion pain and all over fibromyalgia pain. It's the best money ever spent. My adhesion pain has gone and my IBS pain improved. Vanya re aligned my spine and improved my gate: my physical improvements were really noticeable to my GP. It's helped improve my range of motion, posture and helps relieve the pain focusing in on any sore area. My general well being has really improved : I feel like I am taking control of my condition. The advice Vanya has given me has been invaluable: diet, supplement and exercise. If this is the first time you've had deep tissue massage Vanya will ease any anxieties: she is a natural healer, calm , warm and genuinely interested in her patients. Thank you so much Vanya for being part of my healing journey."

Ali age 47 ( Fibro& Endo warrior) Milton Keynes


"I've been with Vanya for a few years now and she always works so hard to sort out any pain I have. I now go monthly for maintenance and she does the most wonderful massage."

Caryn W, April 2016


"Just wanted to say my ankle and leg feel fantastic today, thank you Vanya!"

Jenny T, November 2015


"Vanya, thank you for the alignement and massage, my knee is better. Your touch is brilliant"

Mike D, October 2015


"Six months ago I hurt my back overdoing deadlift. I did lot of stretches since but could not go heavy until one session with Vanya and all my back and hip problems are gone. Thank you Vanya for aligning my hips and sorting out my back problem. It feels so good be able to do squats and deadlift again;)"

Pepa Maty, August 2015


"Thank you, Vanya, for my lovely massage and your time realigning me, my knee feels good and yesterday I played a good tennis session. Many thanks"

Amanda N, May 2015


"I had an accident at work one evening when I tripped over a cable. My lower back seized up and I could not get up. My colleagues called an ambulance and the paramedics had to give me laughing gas for the horrendous pain. After a sleepless night I went to see Vanya and thanks to her excellent medical knowledge and massage techniques I was well after two sessions. She put my facet joints back in place and saved me from 6 months of suffering promised by the doctors. Well done Vanya! I would recommend you to anyone!"

Lucy M, April 2015


"I went to see Vanya for pain in my lower back, which went down the leg to my foot, as well as a numb left arm that the doctors diagnosed as a trapped nerve after cardio and brain tests. The back pain started about 13 years ago and kept getting worse so that for the last 5 years I thought of myself as handicapped, not being able to bend forward or walk for long. I have had acupuncture and chiropractic treatment before with no lasting effect. Three sessions with Vanya changed my life, I started to walk regularly with no pain, was able to bend and manage more work and felt a lot healthier in general. Needless to say how grateful I am and that I would highly recommend Vanya to everyone!"

Mazhar, April 2015


"Vanya, Thank you for the excellent massage on Wednesday. Having tried two other local massages I was somewhat apprehensive about what would be provided. I had absolutely no need to worry, you provided the most perfect relaxing massage."

Mike A, March 2015


"I visited Vanya after having a pain in the arch of my foot for more than a year. After the first session, I felt like I was an inch taller and had a completely new body. As quickly as after the second session, the pain disappeared. I'm very grateful to Vanya and was immensely surprised at how big of an impact a massage can have on how you feel on the whole."

Veselina E, March 2015


"I'm a teenage girl and, after suffering from back and muscle pain, I went to Vanya for help. She quickly found the source of my pain, balanced my back and relaxed my muscles. I felt amazing afterwards. Vanya's approach is tailored to your personal needs, she is wonderfully kind and you can be sure you are in safe hands."

Dessi E, March 2015


"I contacted Vanya at very short notice after an "off-the-scale" stressful few days.  Vanya provided a caring and focused massage over 90 minutes and really helped to relax me and give me a bit of stress-busting "me-time" and I would highly recommend her.  Thank you. I will be back".

Dave Smith, January 2015


"As a keen runner I started visiting Vanya when I started feeling aches and pains as a result of poor running posture. I was impressed with how Vanya would diagnose misalignment and work to correct the problem. It would seem I often have problems with my pelvis which Vanya puts right. Aside from going to see Vanya during my running days, I also visited her frequently during my pregnancy earlier this year. I firmly believe that having regular massages with Vanya during pregnancy ensured my pelvis was correctly aligned resulting in giving birth being somewhat easier and drug free. I would not hesitate to recommend Vanya to others."

Naomi, January 2015


"Vanya, the massage last night was great, I felt so much looser today, I played golf tonight and achieved a hole in one which is every golfer's dream, so again thanks!"

Nigel, May 2014


"Have visited Vanya for a while now, she is wonderful, always sorts out my pain and does a whole body diagnosis I have recommended her successfully to my friends and colleagues."

Caryn Winter, Oct 2012


"Dear Vanya, just want to thank you for the wonderful massage I had at your place last Saturday. My body feels so much better and it feels like the body breathes much better and the blood in my veins pumps faster. So thank you very much. I have recommended you to some fellow students who also deal with a lot of pain."

Berit N, Jan 2012


"I just want to say a very big thank you for the wonderful lymphatic drainage and theraputic massage I had today. I am so glad to have found someone who is so dedicated and professional. I feel totally re-energised and the stiffness and pain in my lower back and hip down into my right buttock feels so much better. Hooray!! I cannot recommend you highly enough Vanya - well done and thanks."

- Pat Smith, July 2011


"Hi Vanya, I wanted to thank you for my session last evening.  It was wonderful and was probably the best massage I have ever had!  I would like to have another session with you before I go back to the USA tomorrow. Your style is unique and extremely effective! Last night I have slept through the night in as long as I can remember. Thanks."

-Rick, June 2011


"I went to see Vanya after being diagnosed with pneumonia. I was prescribed antibiotics by my doctor but these didn't improve my illness which was getting worse by the day. I was desperate to get some more help and decided to try lymphatic drainage massage, which somebody recommended after it helped them with a long lasting cough. The results were fantastic - after only a couple of sessions my chest felt a lot clearer and I was coughing far less than before. I did not need to take more antibiotics or to go back to the doctor. I would highly recommend seeing Vanya to anyone suffering from a cold, cough or other respiratory illness."

-S Stoyanova, retired, December 2010


"I felt truly welcomed at Vanya's warm and comfortable home practice. Her hands are firm, yet reassuring. I could instantly feel the therapeutic effect of her massage and it is plainly obvious that Vanya has a great understanding of the body. This hour was pure bliss, I felt really cared for and understood at all levels (even though we didn't share the same language!)"

-Janine, Fonsegrives, France, October 2010


"I went to see Vanya after I had pulled a muscle in the right shoulder. After seeing two different therapists and not having any relief, I was glad that I took the trip to Vanya. She was meticulous about her diagnosis and understanding of the problem. I was comfortable right from the start knowing that I was with someone who knew what she was doing. The massage not only relaxed my tense shoulder but also improved my pain significantly after the hour. I went back to Vanya for further treatment and within days my shoulder was back to feeling normal. I tend to have massages a few times a month but since first visiting Vanya, I have become one of her loyal clients. She is probably the best therapist in MK. "

- FA, March 2010


"I first met Vanya a few years ago now and have had many treatments from her for my ongoing back problem, because she is so good I have kept on going, with wonderful results.

But in the last 12 months I have had major surgery to remove one of my kidneys. This resulted in pain and discomfort. Going to see Vanya became a priority to relieve some pain but the abdominal massages she gave me to relieve the discomfort from the operation was wonderful.  SHE HAS HEALING HANDS."

- Mrs Pat Samuels, February 2010 


"Recently after paddling a sea kayak followed by a swim in cold water, I developed severe sciatica. I tried to sort it by stretching but needed to see Vanya for help. In one session she diagnosed the problem area, treated it and agreed stretches that maintain a freedom from sciatica. I regard her as one of the best therapists that I have ever come across. "

- John P, October 2009


"I have seen Vanya on a number of occasions and she has helped me to overcome two long-term issues. First she’s helped me with my right upper leg ligament pain. After only a couple of treatments my pain had just gone! It was like a miracle. She has also successfully treated my right shoulder pain and stiff neck. 

She has a very warm touch and just knows how to tackle your problem. Thank you Vanya!!!"

Rado S, September 2009


"That was the perfect massage."

- Martin R, December 2008


"Vanya is simply the best you will find for providing a personalised deep massage to address your body ailments. You will never want to go to anyone else for a deep and healing massage after you have been to Vanya. Fantastic."

- Brenda R, March 2007


"Vanya's massage is pleasurable and therapeutic. The additional benefit of her medical background means for me an understanding of and help for my mobility issues."

-Delwen Timms