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My name is Vanya Pancheva and I work from my home in Milton Keynes as an alternaitve/massage therapist.


I have had a long history with medicine, having completed a degree in Medicine in 1989. Since then I have worked as a medical doctor in Bulgaria and began specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology before moving to the UK in 1997. Over the last years I’ve developed an interest in complimentary therapy, in particular osteopathy, physiotherapy and homeopathy. Believing in the strengths of these treatments, 17 years ago I began work as an assistant to a local practitioner, before branching out and starting my own massage practice. As well as being proficient in the standard Swedish, Sports and Relaxation massages, my involvement in rehabilitation has led to me to develop a unique range of techniques which are a brilliant addition or follow up to any type of manipulative treatment ( osteopathic or chiropractic). My understanding and knowledge of human anatomy and physiology allows me to address the pains and aches of the body on a far more perceptive and well-informed level than conventional massage clinics, giving the patient both a relaxing and enjoyable yet healing experience.


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