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Vanya's Massage


Pregnancy Massage

Massage of the abdomen is perfectly safe during pregnancy provided it is soft and gentle and special care is taken when there is a history or risk of miscarriage.


 A mother-to-be can experience the following benefits from a massage:


  •  Improved or eliminated Sciatica and SPD

  • A feeling of deep relaxation, extreme tranquillity, optimism and well-being

  • A greatly improved sleep pattern

  • Less fatigue and a boost in energy levels

  • Back pain is decreased or totally eliminated

  • The circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated

  • Fluid retention can be reduced or discouraged

  • Varicose veins may be avoided or minimized

  • Aching legs and cramps are relieved

  • The frequency of headaches declines

  • Preventing stretch marks from appearing

  • Bowel movements regulate

  • Mood swings and depression induced by hormonal changes are balanced

  • Breast tenderness is lessened

  • Posture improves

  • The whole body is toned and nourished and the complexion glows



    Post-natal massage


    In many cultures massage is an essential part of the post-natal care. Massage after delivery gives the following benefits:


  • The abdominal muscles are encouraged to contract to their normal size and regain their tone.

  • Involution is aided (the time taken for the womb to return to its normal size)

  • Massage helps to combat the effects of tension and tiredness

  • The woman feels nurtured and is restored emotionally at a time when the sudden change of hormonal levels can lead to post-natal depression


Patient feedback


"As a keen runner I started visiting Vanya when I started feeling aches and pains as a result of poor running posture. I was impressed with how Vanya would diagnose misalignment and work to correct the problem. It would seem I often have problems with my pelvis which Vanya puts right. Aside from going to see Vanya during my running days, I also visited her frequently during my pregnancy earlier this year. I firmly believe that having regular massages with Vanya during pregnancy ensured my pelvis was correctly aligned resulting in giving birth being somewhat easier and drug free. I would not hesitate to recommend Vanya to others."

Naomi, January 2015


During the 40 weeks of pregnancy a woman undergoes enormous physical and emotional changes.  Massage is an invaluable way to give support to a woman coping with these rapid changes and to prepare her for childbirth.


Back pain is particularly common during pregnancy due to the added weight and strain on the muscles and the softening of the ligaments. The abdominal muscles are stretched by as much as twice their original length. They usually become weak, lazy and slack, putting strain on the back. The pelvis can become imbalanced which can lead to lower back pain, sciatica or symphysis pubic disorder (SPD).

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